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We love to hear from you! Please tell us how you're using CakePlay's products, or if you need more information. We're here to help, and to make decorating fun and easy! Be sure to visit us on Facebook, where we post more tips and photos of our latest creations!

We would love to see pictures of your creations using CakePlay Isomalt

If you have a picture of your creation to share with us, we would enjoy adding it to our gallery. Please email us the picture and a short description at, or contact us on our Facebook page.

About Us

CakePlay was formed in 2010 to create fun, convenient products for cake decorators and pastry chefs. Jenny Skinner, CakePlay's Founder and CEO, applied her background in food science along with innovative engineering techniques to make products that cake decorators and pastry artists want and need. CakePlay started by removing the time-consuming difficulty and complexity of cooking and tempering isomalt crystals. With CakePlay's pre-cooked Isomalt Nibs, decorating is quick and easy! Watch for more innovative CakePlay products coming soon!

CakePlay invites cake and pastry professionals to tell us what they like best about using our pre-cooked isomalt. We might even use your ideas and hints in future communications! To order Isomalt Nibs and accessories click here or call us at (636) 385-6461. And be sure to follow us on Facebook for more ideas on how to use isomalt!

Future Events

Watch for CakePlay at a future industry event! Contact us to sign up for our newsletter full of more tips and techniques, or e-mail us for additional information on wholesale ordering.



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